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THRIVE's team brings years of experience in providing healthcare for the underserved.  We also understand the interrelationship of social needs to an individuals health.

“When providing healthcare to the underserved you not only have to focus on medical care, but also the conditions of the environments in which people live, learn, work, play, worship, and age.  Many times, these social determinants of health are the root cause of acute and chronic illness.  By digging deep and bringing healthcare and social services together, high quality health outcomes can be achieved within a financially sustainable model"

Bill Franz, THRIVE

Bill Franz

President and Founder

Bill is a strategic, senior level executive with over 25 years’ experience facilitating and managing organizational improvement with a focus on strategy, operations, finance, and patient/client services.... (more)

Beth Little-Terry

Director, Healthcare Strategy and Governance

Beth is a multi-experienced individual who has held positions in Executive leadership roles including Chief Executive Officer for Federally Qualified Health Centers in Maryland and Alaska.... (more)

Jeremy Wilson

Director, Healthcare Finance and Compliance

With a decade of experience in executive-level financial leadership roles, Jeremy brings a diverse body of knowledge to any project.... (more)

Dr. Jorge Camina

Clinical Subject Matter Expert

Dr. Jorge Camina is Board-certified in Pediatrics and Clinical Informatics through the American Board of Preventive Medicine, he has extensive...(more

Alana Hunt

Senior Consultant

Alana received her bachelor’s degree in health administration from Southern New Hampshire University in 2019 and is currently pursuing her master’s in... (more)

Hanna Franz


Hanna graduated from Florida State University with a major in Environmental Sciences and a minor in Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences. She is currently a law student at CUNY Law.... (more)

Christine Grandjean


Christine fulfills the role of business manager of THRIVE. Christine also has experience as an elementary school teacher, with a Master of Arts in Reading ... (more)

Adam Middleton

Subject Matter Expert

Adam Middleton has committed his entire professional career to healthcare.  Adam works as a business consultant for hospitals, physician groups and healthcare....(more)

Walt Peters

Subject Matter Expert

Walt has worked for over 25 years in the fields of Environmental, Health, Safety, Security, and Quality. He began his career in the steel and hazardous waste....(more)

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